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International Centre for Automotive Technology “ICAT”,  a division of NATRiP under Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises, Government of India, is accredited as a :

1. Test Agency Notified under Rule 126 of CMVR vide MoRT&H, G.S.R. 276 (E) dated 10th April, 2007.

2. Accredited Agency for “Emission Standard for new generator sets (upto 19 kW) run on petrol & kerosene and emission limits for new diesel engines (up to 800 kW) for generator set (Genset) applications” vide MoEF, G.S.R. 280(E) dated 11th April 2008.

3. Facilities Approved by VCA, U.K for purpose of Export Homologation/Certification (Such testing also done with TUV, Germany).

4. NABL Accreditation

5. BIS Recognition.

Website: : http://www.icat.in/